Abha Dalmia's Royal Trausseau

Abha Dalmia will preview her latest collection at Bridal Asia Spring/ Summer Exhibition. Abha Dalmia's Royal Trausseau, the label, started around 40 years ago when she saw the plight of the poor but talented weavers of Benaras. Initially she got sarees woven to her designs, but when people started showing appreciation of the work she realised that in order for the weavers to sustain themselves she had to start on a larger scale. She started her company LIFE in order to give LIFE to these impoverished but talented weavers. Today the LIFE family has grown and these weavers have the means and are able to educate their children in the fields of medicine, fashion,etc. Abha Dalmia's forte is her revival of the Benarsi ethos, which had almost gone into oblivion. Apart from her silk, organza/ silk and georgette sarees, she has created sarees taking inspiration from the Ram Namami Chadar . Her diffused weave of Gaudhuli sarees in silk tissue ( images taken from the temples of Mathura ), are part of her latest collection.

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