Curio Cottage

Curio Cottage is inspired by individuals who know they deserve the best of fashion. Our brand is built on the credence that fashion and comfort should be attainable, expressive, innovative and well-made. From natural stones, Vintage Silver to plated gold, our distinctly Indian jewelry infused with modern aesthetics makes Curio Cottage peoples most Trust-worthy, luxury jewelry brand. Celebrities, trendsetters and fashionable women just can’t get enough. Launched in 1971 after observing a requisite in the market for high-quality, Indian-inspired jewelry ,we designed a complete range of alluring and exquisite jewellery. When you open the Curio Cottage Jewellery box always remember it hides within it a story of unsaid heritage of a designer, an effort of a thousand miles and months of selection process we put to get a dream of exquisite design to reality. Sometimes you may be one of the very few early ones who will see this design and many times you may be the only one for a long time till it becomes a phenomenon. We have strived to help establish what it means to be charismatic and confident with statement-making jewelry without being a spendthrift and strongly believe in listening to our loyalist’s preferences and creating meaningful collections for them.

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