Kantilal Since ~ 1948

To look at jewellery objectively is a difficult task; some stores promise instant glamour with a hefty price tag, while some give a brand name, but with an equally hefty price tag. Living in aware times, the future of luxury is in creating dialogues with buyers, a defining aspect of Kantilal. The Surat-based jewellery brand has a loyal clientele built, meticulously, on their motto of retaining these values and rewriting the rules, which have been preserved through four generations now. Established in 1948 by Kantilal Panachand Choksi, the store was a trusted name in the business. Seventy years later, they still maintain their reputation but have expanded to three stores in the city. The original one is situated in Parle Point, the second in Bhagal, and their newest one in Katargam, Surat. In 2016, they received the award for Best Diamond jewellery and Best Jadau Jewellery by National Jewellery Awards. Design aesthetic, transparency and building lasting relationships with their clients are part of their foundation. Offering a range of contemporary and modern jewellery, they even customized their brick and mortar stores according to the customers’ wants. While one floor caters to the mass market, the other focuses on a niche one where the price goes from three lakhs up to a crore of rupees. Of course, when talking of a discerning segment, the premium pricing matches the accessories’ couture status. Their bridal collection “Aryahi” is an exploration of Polki and pearls. Opulent chokers caressed with pearls and set in antique gold are some statement pieces that define the collection. They are known for traditional gold and Polki jewellery, but have also modernized their ideas with the need of the hour. A few years back the brand launched a contemporary collection inspired by birds. It was a medley of Swarovski stones in popping colours juxtaposed with real gemstones like garnets. It was, designed taking into account a modern bride with a versatile wardrobe. Today they are focused on eradicating the issue of trust around the true value for money in the jewellery business. “How do you know if you’re paying for 22 carat gold and not 18?” questions Mr. Jinay Choksi the fourth generation owner. The breakdown of the cost of a luxury item is often veiled, which leaves buyers with just the option of placing their trust in unknown quantities. “We reveal the entire process on the various stages of how a particular piece was designed to the buyer before they place the order,” he explains. The care with which customer responses are acknowledged is a mark of a conscientious name. Kantilal has proudly celebrated 70 years of trust and crafting exquisite jewellery and it is only the beginning.

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