Kotawala is the standard for the ultimate in fine hand-crafted jewellery. Our innovative design philosophy revolutionizes fine traditional jewellery design with a subtle touch of modernity that transcends trends in innovation for the discerning woman. It establishes a timeless aesthetic that continues to inspire all our creations.
A unique and captivating collection that emphasizes inherent beauty of every gemstone crafted to perfection with an extraordinary design and exclusive range.

Our constant and unending passion for perfection is the hallmark that sets us apart, transforming every piece into a timeless work of art.

The art of creating diamond jewellery in its traditional form flourished in Kotah during the 18th century. The jewels crafted today are woven with a rich family tradition, passed down from generation to generation resulting in its distinct quality perfected through skilled artisans and craftsmen. Our relentless dedication to perfection stems from our total commitment to this heritage and legacy.

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