Saugaat by Bikanerwala

Saugaat, meaning gift in Hindi, is the name of the bespoke, by-order-only mithai gifting boutique by the House of Bikanerwala, an iconic name with an established supremacy in traditional Indian sweets and regional cuisine.

Having served millions of palates across India and the world for decades, Bikanerwala launched Saugaat in 2019 to cater to the demanding, evolving, and global tastes of the modern Indian customer who is looking for more than just mithai, and appreciates both innovation and tradition.

Founded by Renuka and Sanjay Aggarwal of the Bikanerwala family, this experimental mithai label’s signature lies in its unique flavours, textures, and its combination of ingredients. Think pistachio and gooseberries, coconut and passion fruit, gram flour and rose, and almonds and saffron. Each bite is a revelation, each piece a work of art; all comes packaged in carefully curated boxes that elevate the experience of gifting and receiving through the art of packaging design.

The ethos of Saugaat is seeped in the Bikanerwala family history of offering only the best sweets and savouries made with the purest ingredients. Now, Renuka Aggarwal herself leading the innovations in the test kitchen, Saugaat aims to change the way we define, consume, and appreciate mithai through her take on long-established cooking techniques married with her bold experiments with flavours and ingredients.

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