The Leather Garden

We are a homegrown, indigenous luxury brand of handbags, with our roots in manufacturing fashion accessories for the best brands in the world over the last 30 years. Our bags are hand crafted using luxurious silks and jacquards and come together with the use of the highest grade of Italian leathers and traditional Indian embroideries and embellishments. The designs are well thought out to create unique bags, which are reminiscent of your grandmothers’ vintage style but are also created keeping modern sensibilities in mind. All our products are proudly handmade in India using the rich skillset of our country. The brand is the brainchild of Neeharika Leekha Wadhwa, who helms all aspects of the functioning of the company. With an innate passion for fashion, Neeharika pursued Brand Management and Fashion Merchandising from London College of Fashion and followed it up with a master’s degree in International Business from the prestigious King’s College, London. Neeharika finds inspiration in the way the fashion and luxury market in India is growing and finds it exceedingly motivating to see how Indian-made products have found widespread acceptance in the world’s luxury space. This trend drives her to push the envelope of achievement at her brand and create superlative products. An avid traveller and explorer, she is passionate about all things vintage, and it is the admiration of old-world charm that led to the birth of the brand.

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